petek, 23. september 2011


we went on tour a couple of weeks ago. it was me, jure and tomo skating linz, munich and stuttgart. weather was really hot so we had no option, but to drink warm beer during the day and skate in the evening. we met up with pbc boys in linz. they showed us some spots and took us to the party at night. realy nice guys... thanks for everything, we will be back!

here are the pictures

on the ROWd again
cant wait for the day
empty fountain in linz

getting started...

after a lot of waiting and searching i finaly found them..

how many stars does your hotel have?
feeling good in the morning

but not all of us..

our cook extrordiner

mmm, tasty!

when i get old, this is what i want to do!

some of the bowls we skated

mario and jurgens place.. thank you guys!
here is a video of the tour. its shity but who cares! oh, and the good tricks are not in there, you will have to wait for that!