sreda, 10. november 2010

tour day 2

and yes... here it is our 2. day of the tour. we woke up in kufstein after a drunken sešn and skated some more in the morning, to put out the alcohol. next destination was brixlegg where we had some beers and skated a little... we also met our friends from austria there. we partied through the night in town on some stadtfest. thanks nora for paying the entrance and beers...

next stop worgl, but thats a nother day!

sobota, 09. oktober 2010

tour to paris

ok! in the beginning of august we went on tour to paris... but ,we never got there! and we didn't care. lately im very lazy, so it took me some time to do the first clip, and here it is now.. the first day of the tour!

more skatin in next clips coming soon but probably later..

petek, 08. oktober 2010

the race

every time we finish skateboarding, we have a race...

...last one at the bar, buys beers!

torek, 05. oktober 2010

red alert

so, a couple of weekends ago, there was highest flood alert. RED ALERT! and what did we do? we went on tour, of course! and we had a blast skating indoor minis and drinking all the time... no pictures or video yet, but maybe some time soon. but this is how postojna looked like a day or two later...

nedelja, 15. avgust 2010


We were on a tour in osterreich and switzerland..... Our final destination was Paris, but we never got that far hehe. here are some fotos from the tour!!!!!!!!!

sobota, 14. avgust 2010

sell out?

it's official now. i have sold myself to madness! the decision was hard, but now i get free shoes and stuf. the result is - MORE BEER MONEY!
here is my welcometotheteamclip

petek, 13. avgust 2010

yes we wen't to skate some bowls and pools...
this is the sešn from st gallen pool.
da pool

petek, 09. julij 2010

kolezija sešn

this sešn hapened two weeks ago on a rough DIY qvotr in kolezja.

ej rauti ke si, oglas se kej!

četrtek, 01. julij 2010

četrtek, 24. junij 2010


sešna jutr 26.6. ne bo! bo pa v ilirski bistrci ne v ivančni gorici..

nedelja, 13. junij 2010


This sešn happened last weekend. we didn't run out of beer and had a good time. next sešn is on 26.6. ! come and get some...

sreda, 09. junij 2010

kesa the šit!!!

this is the blog of our fellow companions from da' Škofja Loka

enjoy checking out their blog

sreda, 02. junij 2010


Vse podrobnosti zveste na flyerju

tkole je blo nazadne...

torek, 25. maj 2010

a walk in the park

we have a skatepark in kranj. its not burnside but its bulš tu ku nč! here is a line...

ponedeljek, 10. maj 2010

vert attack

monkey boys built a new vert ramp in dravograd. and they did a good job! we went to check it out and the thing is a monster, but the boys are ripping it anyway...

četrtek, 29. april 2010

last night

last night me and my girlfriend had some fun with a camera! this is what happened...

sreda, 14. april 2010

sobota, 13. marec 2010

Kidaj sine da biče kruha !!!

ta neumesn sneg je po j***u čist use.
Tko smo se spravl skidat park za sešn k bo 13.3.