sobota, 09. oktober 2010

tour to paris

ok! in the beginning of august we went on tour to paris... but ,we never got there! and we didn't care. lately im very lazy, so it took me some time to do the first clip, and here it is now.. the first day of the tour!

more skatin in next clips coming soon but probably later..

petek, 08. oktober 2010

the race

every time we finish skateboarding, we have a race...

...last one at the bar, buys beers!

torek, 05. oktober 2010

red alert

so, a couple of weekends ago, there was highest flood alert. RED ALERT! and what did we do? we went on tour, of course! and we had a blast skating indoor minis and drinking all the time... no pictures or video yet, but maybe some time soon. but this is how postojna looked like a day or two later...